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Truffle ceremony leader course

Facilitate plant medicine ceremonies?

Do you feel that it is your soul mission to help others in deep processes with the healing powers of the magic truffle? If you have ever, or frequently, taken inner journeys with plant medicine, there is without a doubt a part of you that feels like the world needs this to heal. The wisdom of fungi, the grounding, the amiability, the self-confidence and the love for everything and everyone. Do you picture yourself working within the field of truffle ceremonies? The truffle ceremony leader course may be right for you! In one year you will learn about the theory, the practice and the magic of guiding these sacred ceremonies.

About the course

In the truffle ceremony leader course you will learn about all aspects of leading and guiding inner processes with and without the magic truffle. After the course, you will be able to lead group ceremonies and you will know what it takes to fully carry a truffle ceremony. If you show during the course that you can independently lead a ceremony well, carry your own processes and support those of others in all facets, you will receive, in addition to your certificate, a listing on this website as a certified ceremony leader.That way participants know it is safe to go on an inner journey with you and you can offer your own ceremonies.oals hereand you have the opportunity to offer your ceremonies through HOLY shit. . That way participants know it is safe to go to journey with you and to trust that you know what you're doing.

This training has a KTNO accreditation, which indicates a quality guarantee and that there are many years of experience in this complementary health care.

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Voor wie?

For 12 (aspiring) coaches or healers who have already experienced multiple inner voyages with magic truffles themselves and feel persistent enough facilitate this beautiful work to others. You probably already have a business of your own or you are thinking about starting one. Drives: making the world a better place, wanting to help others, deep respect for the wisdom of fungi.
Feeling inspired?


What to expect?

In a safe group you will embark on a huge adventure in which you are invited to work with your own processes and support those of others. After all: a good ceremony leader has felt their pains themself, confronted their own shit and been on many inner voyages to gain experience.

In a year of ten course weekends, you will learn about the power of sharing, body oriented work and energetic work with and without truffles. You will also go on several voyages with several magical truffles and experience what microdosing will do for you. 

For whom is this year training to become a truffle ceremony leader?

  • People who have no experience traveling with truffles themselves yet;
  • People who see truffles as a fun trip drug instead of a therapeutic medicine;
  • People younger than 18 years of age.

What will you learn as a truffle ceremony leader?

  • The history and theory of the truffle
  • The physiological, psychological and energetic effects of psilocybin
  • The contra-indications of psilocybin
  • Different kinds of truffles and ways of consuming them
  • How to be a good spaceholder
  • How to create a safe and comfortable ceremony space as a truffle ceremony leader
  • Different kinds of body oriented work to prepare or complement a ceremony
  • All about microdosing and dosing truffles
  • The power of sharing and how to set this up the right way
  • The power of rituals
  • How to guide from your knowledge, intuition and feelings
  • Pre-care and after-care
  • Legal background and administration
  • Business: how do you set this up for yourself after this course?
  • Above all else: knowing yourself. Who are you, what are you doing here and how will you do it?
"very meaningful and special"

"The training and working with Jenneke and the group has been very meaningful and special. It’s not always easy, but that’s okay because there is the right support in place and after every session I feel big shifts inside. I recommend this to everyone, not only to learn the skills and techniques but also for the personal development and growth.’’

Kristen Leigh

"Jenneke loves to teach and share her knowledge"

"Jenneke has a lot of love and passion for what she does and her clients. She loves to teach and share her knowledge and it shows, going the extra mile to add to the experience. The course is inviting me to grow and look at things in a different way. Teaching me to be more aware of subtle shifts and patterns and recognizing them in others. It also makes me get familiar with intuition, how it feels and learning to trust it. I reconnected with my creative inner child and making art again for the first time in years.’’

Dennis Ulijn

"Highly recommended!"

""The year-long training is already bringing me so much after three weekends! The program is very well thought out, with a nice balance between knowledge transfer, personal growth, and practice in facilitating. Jenneke is a master at sensing what is needed, effortlessly transitioning between her various roles, from teacher to nurturing support and 'firm' boundary keeper to co-host during a guest workshop. Highly recommended!"’’

Marieke de Leeuw

After course as a truffle ceremony leader... will be able to guide and facilitate truffle ceremonies independently. You will know all about magic truffles, inner processes and how to set up your own business to offer this or other healing work. As a truffle ceremony leader, you will find yourself in a magical field of work that allows you to connect every day and see the wonder of life. You will learn to be in tune with your physical, emotional and energetic body and you will begin to live much more consciously as a result.

Ready for the magic life?

Year training ceremony leader

12 months

Truffelceremonie opleiding

Dit krijg je:

  • Video call intake/introduction
  • 10 x training weekend
  • All-in food & drinks (vegetarian)
  • Online module & writing materials
  • Different kinds of bodywork and energy work like holistic pulsing, breathwork, inner child work, family constellations, voice expression, sound healing, coaching techniques and attachment
  • Theoretic and practical lessons about magic truffles and guidance
  • Interesting guest workshops from professionals
  • Reiki initiation
  • Participation in 3 truffle ceremonies
  • Guiding several ceremonies
  • Mushroom ceremony
  • Cocoa ceremony
  • Rapehceremonie
  • Grow your own magic shrooms
  • Closing cactus ceremony 
  • WhatsApp group for sharings and questions
  • Certificering na succesvol theorie- en praktijkexamen
  • Digital badge for on your site and mention on our certified ceremony leader page 
  • Option to facilitate ceremonies for HOLY shit. afterwards (if we think it's a match)
  • Deep journey into yourself


  • HOLY Goodiebag worth €100,-
  • Microdosing journey worth €219,-
  • Professional pictures of yourself guiding
  • New soul family


  • Accommodation here)


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Investment: € 4999,-*

Payment in 6, 12 or 24 installments is possible
* Rate is excluding VAT

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Spaubeek / Heerlen (Limburg)

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Training weekends

20 & 21 July 2024
17 & 18 August 2024
14 & 15 September 2024
12 & 13 October 2024
14 & 15 December 2024
11 & 12 January 2025
8 & 9 February 2025
8 & 9 March 2025
5 & 6 April 2025
7 & 8 June 2025

This course reimbursed by your employer?
Many companies have a budget for the personal development of their employees. If so, do not choose to pay as mentioned above, but send an email with the invoice details to
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Investment too high for you (right now) or course too intense?

You can go to HOLY shit. Academy and take holistic modules and classes at your own pace.
Do you want to participate in a truffle ceremony first? Click here.

What others say:

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Lois van Dinther

Video afspelen

Pim Bemelen

About the facilitator

"My name is Jenneke van Genechten (1988) and I have been guiding plant ceremonies since 2014. I believe in magic, wonder and the universe. According to the universal laws you can attract anything in your life that you can visualize, everything is energy, everything happens for a reason and everything occurs at the right moment (divine timing). Since I’ve been living according to these laws, my life has become more loving, fun and confident."

"By the way, I studied psychology at Maastricht University, found out that this was much too focused on the cognitive aspects for me, and after that I started following many courses, workshops and courses to learn and facilitate the power of body oriented work and plant medicines. By plant medicines, I mean the power of nature in all its facets: from herbs (ayurveda) and essential oils to Mother Aya, magic truffles, Cactus and other psychedelic and non-psychedelic varieties. With plant medicine, I truly discovered all layers of myself and I was able to heal pieces in my clients that I could not reach while using cognitive behavioral therapy. I became fascinated with the healing power of mushrooms and after my years of experience as an Mother Aya guide, I decided to research everything to do with magic truffles to become an expert and facilitate truffle ceremonies to my coaching clients and groups. At that time, the world was under the spell of Mother Aya (then still tolerated) and I was able to explore my field with the only nationwide provider of truffle ceremonies at that time."



Passing on my knowledge
"Within my ceremonies I saw miraculous results with decreasing anxiety patterns and depressive tendencies and an increasing connection with nature, the self and others in a more compassionate way. Many people came back after their first ceremony to experience more of it and to peel off other layers of themselves. Before I knew it, I was giving weekly ceremonies on a busy schedule. At this moment I decided to dedicate myself to passing on my knowledge. This way I can contribute to the birth of good process guides and the spread of safe ceremonies and more magic in this world. This truffle ceremony leader course is the only one in the Netherlands with this duration, intensity and completeness. You can’t learn this work in one weekend. That’s why I’m asking for a year-long commitment to explore this field of work extensively together, to give things time to land and to experience and play with the magical world of the healing truffle yourself."

I believe ...
... that everything is psychosomatic, that our souls choose to be on this earth NOW, that everything happens for a reason and that you can attract anything you want with your thoughts.

Opleiding tot truffelceremonieleider weekend


We zullen altijd starten met meditatie, sharing en theorie, oefening of een ceremonie. Je neemt deel aan (en begeleidt) verschillende soorten ceremonies, waaronder cacao, rapeh, truffels en Cactus als groepsafsluiter. Van de truffelceremonies zul je aan de helft deelnemen en de andere helft begeleiden of zelfs leiden. Buiten de ceremonies om doen we verschillende soorten innerlijk werk en krijg je theorie over magische truffels en het helingswerk in dit prachtige veld. 

That you can call yourself a HOLY shit. certified truffle ceremony leader and can display the certification on your website so that participants can see that you know what you’re doing. Additionally, you will be listed on our podium page as a trained ceremony leader, allowing HOLY shit. customers in your vicinity to potentially be referred to you.

Then we will discuss together how to catch up on the missed material so that you can still get your certification. You are allowed to miss one weekend.


De BTW kun je terugvragen op het moment dat deze opleiding valt onder het op peil houden van je vakkennis, dus bijvoorbeeld als je als coach/therapeut/lichtwerker werkzaam bent. Laat je daar echter niet door haasten. Alles komt als het komt en je kunt ook deelnemen als particulier. Het is en blijft wel een zakelijk ‘product’.

Absolutely, and preferably more than once. After all, you are going to guide people on a plant medicine that you want to know through and through! As a ceremony leader, you need to know what kind of inner voyages people can get into. You can only succeed if you have experienced it yourself. To participate in the course you are expected to have participated in at least one official truffle ceremony at HOLY shit. or a similar organization. During and after your course, you'll have plenty of opportunities to get to know the truffle a little better, but you need to know what it’s about before you begin.

Sure! You can choose between 6, 12, or 24 installments if you prefer not to pay all at once. There will be a one-time €15,- administrative fee added on top.

Naast 20 lesdagen en een intakesessie zul je zelf onder andere 2 volledige ceremonies draaien, een losse sharing circle organiseren, een cacao/truffelcirkel, een microdoseringstraject (volgen én begeleiden) en andere thuisopdrachten doen, zowel praktijk als theorie. Houd er rekening mee dat je gemiddeld 4 uur per week bezig bent aan thuisstudie en thuisopdrachten.

Twelve. We keep it small so that there can be enough personal attention for everyone. 

No. The course includes everything you need to facilitate safe ceremonies, so you are expected to attend everything in order to receive your certification.

Yes and no. The course is specifically focused on working with magic truffles. Body oriented work and facilitation work is of course quite general, although each type of plant medicine requires its own approach. In any case, it gives a nice foundation for any kind of guidance work, but if you want to work with other plant medicines, we recommend that you seek depth in those first.

That's just fine. You will get all the tools you need to get you started, but you also need to be energetically ready. Take all the time you need and, if necessary, stay active at HOLY shit. as a facilitator for a while longer until you feel confident enough to start for yourself.

No. It doesn't matter how experienced you are with body oriented work and/or coaching and/or plant medicine; as long as you join in with a pure intention you are perfectly welcome. After all, you’re here to learn, so you don't have to master anything just yet. However, it is important that you have no contraindications to the use of magic truffles. More about contraindications on this page. If you do have any contraindications and you still want to participate, you can do so in consultation. You will not be able to participate in the ceremonies themselves, but all other workshops and classes are no problem.

This is a business 'product'. Therefore, an exclusive VAT amount is stated on the page. We assume it will be purchased by entrepreneurs (to be). After all, you learn to facilitate ceremonies and to operate a business, you register with the Chamber of Commerce (as soon as you are ready! we will assist you if necessary). Business products have a legal cooling-off period of 48 hours. If for any reason you wish to cancel 48 hours after making your deposit, there are associated costs that you can find in the education's terms and conditions

Will you become the new truffle ceremony leader?

You can register for the truffle ceremony leader course using the button below. You will be redirected to the payment page, where you make a deposit payment of €250,- to make sure that you are sincerely interested when we reserve your spot. After your registration you will receive an automatic email with the intake form (check your spambox if necessary). After approval of your intake form, you will be notified that you are officially registered as a student and you will receive further information. Of course: if your intake is not approved, you will receive your deposit back.

Are you ready for the magic journey of your life?


The year training for 2024 is full. Use the button below to subscribe for the waiting list for 2025. Universe will save you a seat.

Holy playlists

Many participants like to use playlists after the ceremony in their meditations or as a reminder of the day. That’s why you can find the four main playlists of HOLY shit. below. Enjoy the afterwaves!

HOLY Deep Relax
For entrance, for relaxation and for the start of the ceremony.

HOLY Truffle Ceremonies
This is the music that really accompanies participants on their voyage and that will be played for most of the ceremony.

HOLY Soft Chill
This is music with singing, soft, relaxing and inspiring, for the end of the ceremony.

HOLY Happy Chill
Joyful music with vocals for more exuberant mood and celebration.