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You are here at the exact right time – otherwise you would have been somewhere else. HOLY shit. is your new community of lovely people, focused on self-development in many different ways. After all, everyone has their own path. What direction is yours going?

Welcome to HOY shit.
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HOLY shit.: holistic lifestyle and coaching

“Working holistically means that we look at you in your entirity and at all the relevant factors in your life that make you who you are. Everything is interconnected: physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and socially.”


Every now and then we send you everything we have planned. We fill your mailbox with stories and vlogs that summarize life and bring you back to the here and now. Because sometimes we just need a reminder that worrying about what to watch on Netflix can be quite satisfying. Just like unhip newsletters, only this is ... well: fun. Holy shit, you want this! Newsletters are only available in Dutch!