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We can picture you sitting with a question mark over your head as you look at the amount of activities and alternative techniques that we offer at HOLY shit. No worries, you can ask us anything. Just check whether your question can be found in these frequently asked questions (FAQ).


Because at HOLY shit. we holistically look together for a way for you to let go of your old ‘shit’. With love. And sometimes with a little tough love.

Working holistically means that we look at you in your entirity and at all of the relevant factors in your life that make you who you are. Everything is interconnected: physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and socially. So it’s regular psychotherapy with body work.

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FAQ: Our activities

During a coaching session we will work together on your personal development. We will go into depth and see what you need at that moment and in the long term. In consultation with you, the therapist can apply various techniques such as breath work, constellations, chakra healing and much more. All techniques can be found here.

By consciously deepening your breath, you can enter into a different state of consciousness. Most of us (unconsciously) breathe much too superficially, in our chest. We start with an intake in which we figure out your needs and do a short breathing session. Usually this is followed by three breathing sessions in which we zoom in deeper and deeper onto your inner blockages and traumas in order to heal them at the cellular level. You can also book individual breath sessions and breath circles with 5 to 12 people. More about breath work can be found here.

In a safe and comfortable setting you will be guided through your truffle voyage by an experienced ceremony leader. Magic truffles provide a different experience for everyone. This often includes hallucinatory images, because your third eye is opened; for some this will be visual, for others auditory. You may even get insights without hallucinating. Either way, you will gain a different view of the world. The new energy you take away from a truffle voyage opens the way to a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you. You can find all information on truffle ceremonies here . Or watch this vlog about truffle experiences (in Dutch). 

These are card decks of wisdom that you can draw at any time of the day, to gain insights about the situation you are in or to get some confirmation about your choices. De Orakelmeisjes (Oracle Girls) created a popular oracle card set called HEALING PLANTS, you can read more about that here .

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FAQ: Practical

On the coaching page you can fill out an intake form. Upon receipt we will contact you to schedule your intake session or trajectory.

That varies per period, but usually within a month.

A coaching session, like a breath work session, takes 75 to 90 minutes. A truffle ceremony depends on the number of participants; more information on this or other events can be found on the relevant landing pages.

In principle, you follow therapy alone. If for certain reasons it is necessary that someone else is present, this can be discussed.

Yes, everything that is discussed during a session remains between us. We handle your intake and everything that happens during a session very carefully.

It depends! For coaching and breathing sessions: up to 48 hours before the appointment you can cancel it free of charge. After that the session will be charged for the reserved time. For truffle ceremonies this is 14 days and the pilgrimage has separate conditions that you can find at the bottom in our footer.

The practice of HOLY shit. can be found at Huskenweg 17b in Heerlen. This is within walking distance of the train and bus station in Heerlen.

The Poststraat in Amstenrade and the Schoolstraat in Spaubeek are easily accessible by bus.

On the Huskenweg in Heerlen, where our coaching and breathing sessions take place, there is a free parking lot across the building.

On the Poststraat in Amstenrade, in the small ceremony room, there is plenty of parking space in the street or near the church. Please do not park in the driveway.

In Spaubeek at the large ceremony room, you can park in the street for free.

Please check carefully in advance where your session or ceremony will take place!

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FAQ: Payment

For the courses, you can, and the website gives you that option automatically. For single events such as day ceremonies, this is not possible.

You pay directly through the website once you book, but you can also send us an email to pay in cash, if you prefer. 

Yes, HOLY shit. offers gift certificates for coaching, breath work, truffle ceremonies as well as sharing circles. Minimum amount: €15.

No, because at HOLY shit. we consciously choose not to follow the regular path and work with psychedelics, we cannot join a health insurance company. Moreover, we want to maintain freedom in how we give our sessions.

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Is your question not listed here? Then contact us here .