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On this page you will find a convenient overview of what HOLY shit. is currently offering. If you want to read more about a specific service, click the button below your choice or book directly through the event calendarHOLY shit.'s offer varies each period. 

This is what you can do at HOLY shit:

This overview is divided into truffleceremonies (retreats with magic truffles) coaching & breathwork, journeys abroad and other fun stuff.The intake session in that last category is for everyone who would like to try one of our services but is unsure where to start, or what would best suit them. Also check the site of the Orakelmeisjes.

Truffle ceremonies


Public ceremony

as scheduled by HOLY shit.

This is a truffle ceremony organized by HOLY shit. These ceremonies can be found in the calendar. During this powerful, deep voyage into your own psyche you can discover answers to life questions and break patterns. Are you ready for a journey into this magical space?

Altaar ceremonieruimte

Private ceremony

schedule it yourself

A private truffle ceremony is for people who don’t want to participate in a public ceremony, but prefer to come alone or with their own company on a date of their choice. These usually take place at Pim's for a maximum of 5 people. For larger parties, we can accommodate up to 12 people.


Couples ceremony

together with your partner

Don't feel like going through the long drawn out process of relationship therapy? Especially for love couples we created the Couples Ceremony: a private two person truffle ceremony aimed at renewing the connection you have with oneother and deepening the relationship. Dive into it together for a whole day! With an open mind you will get to know each other again and help each other let go of old shit. Let love rule! 

Altaar ceremonieruimte

Truffle annual series

'Journey through the elements'

This year-long journey is the ultimate journey for anyone who loves to get face to face with themselves on deep levels through magic truffles. For one year you will dive into the depths with the same group and each season we will come together to have a look at a different piece using the elements. A magical gift to yourself!
Only available in Dutch.

Truffelceremonies ruimte - accreditatie

Year long course

becoming a truffle ceremony leader

In the truffle ceremony leader course you will learn all aspects of guiding other's inner processes with and without the magic truffle. After this course you will be able to guide ceremonies in groups and you will know what it takes to fully carry a truffle ceremony as a ceremony leader.

Coaching and breathwork

Breath Circle

HOLY breath is a breathing technique that addresses the body's self-healing capacity, physically, emotionally and spiritually. In the breath circle you will dive into the depths of your body for three hours. The energy of the small group and the safe setting of the ceremony room make sure that you may surrender to your deep inner processes.
Only available in Dutch. 

Ademwerk - intakeformulieren

HOLY Breath


In this journey we work in four sessions to heal old pain, trauma and inner blockages by using the power of connected breath and holistic coaching. Each breath session takes us one layer deeper!

Truffelceremoniebegeleider groepje Deep dive

HOLY Deep Dive

Dive deep with 4 other lovely participants for 3 months with weekly intensive sessions focused on psychology, body work and energetic work. Time for YOU.
Only available in Dutch.

HOLY coaching VIP

1 on 1 VIP course

for entrepreneurs

Get turned inside out completely during six months with the most intensive program HOLY shit. has to offer, with no distractions from others. You and me, full focus on you and your (new) business.

Journeys abroad



to Santiago de Compostela

Need a deep connection with yourself and nature? Need silence and not having to do anything? Need endless walking through hundreds of kilometers of beautiful landscapes, mountain peaks and no man's land? I will take you from church village to church village on a spiritual walk through Spain along the popular pilgrim route to the holy place: Santiago de Compostela.
Only available in Dutch

Retraitefestival portugal Community

The Community

Retreat festival in Portugal

Hey, spaceholder! Need some time for yourself, inner work, connection and peace? Welcome to The Community, an all-encompassing retreat festival in sunny and spiritual Portugal. It's finally time for YOU. This retreat is for and by facilitators. Wouldn’t it be nice if we body workers, coaches and ceremony leaders could ground into the safe bed of a group of experienced spaceholders ourselves? For no less than two and a half weeks, you will live with a group of likeminded people in a community setting. Will you be part of this awesome project?

Other fun stuff offered by HOLY shit.

Jenneke (lachend in het park)

Intake session

This one-time intake session is for those who may not know me well yet, so you can experience my energy live and understand my way of working. During the session, we will explore where the 'issue' lies and which of all the programs offered by HOLY shit. suits you best.

HOLY dance door Jenneke van Genechten

HOLY dance

Dance classes

HOLY dance is the overarching name for the two embodiment streams in which we teach, namely HOLY latin and HOLY hiphop! Dancing is indeed incredibly therapeutic. Endorphins (released through movement) make you happy, and after an hour of moving your hips, you're completely out of your head and into your body.



for groups

If you can't find a suitable event for your group or would like a private workshop, you can find various workshop offerings from HOLY shit. on this page related to dance, personal development, and/or spirituality that you can hire us for, with location and date to be discussed.

To this day I am grateful for this

“Some time ago I discovered HOLY shit.’s offer and got in contact with Jenneke. That fills me with gratitude to this day. Jenneke is a beautiful person with amazing energy. I instantly felt welcome in her presence. The variety of services she offers speak to me on many levels, so I’ve participated in several things. The moment you enter her ceremonial space, you feel as if you’ve walked into a fairy tale. I took a couple dancing lessons during HOLY latin, was part of several HOLY sharing circles and participated in a Breath circle. I felt a little hesitant doing all this, but the experiences themselves and Jenneke’s coaching were really soothing. So, I recently enlisted in the Deep Dive course! Can’t wait!”
Shirley Esser