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The Community 

Retreat festival in Portugal

Hey, spaceholder! Need some time for yourself, for your inner work, your connection and peace? Welcome to The Community, a comprehensive retreat festival in sunny and spiritual Portugal, from November 3rd-20th, 2023. That long? Yes, because you can allow yourself that long (but shorter is also allowed). Finally, it’s time for YOU. This retreat is for and by facilitators. How nice is it when we bodyworkers, coaches and ceremony leaders for once can sink into the safe bed of a group of experienced spaceholders ourselves? For no less than two and a half weeks you will live with a group of likeminded people in a community setting. Will you be part of this awesome project?

This is what you get:
  • Living together with people ‘of your frequency’ and still doing your own thing 
  • Enjoying each other's knowledge, expertise and magic and real connection down to the soul level 
  • All-in healthy, vegetarian food to make your body happy 
  • Fantastic retreat location in the middle of the Portuguese nature  
  • Safe setting for inner processes, supported by experienced guidance from me: holistic therapist and ceremony leader Jenneke van Genechten, and my team
  • Varied program of holistic, shamanic and down-to-earth workshops, including enough time for yourself 
  • Two and a half weeks of time for yourself to discover how to live your most beautiful life 
  • Opening and closing ceremony with the entire group (not obligatory)

Living in a community 

Although all food is provided and we don't have to grow our own vegetables, you get to experience living with the same group of people on the same piece of land for a significant amount of days. Most retreats and festivals are only a week or less. We deliberately choose to pull you away from your own environment for almost three weeks. Not only will that give you headspace, but it will also allow you to live with people who are engaged in intentional living and personal development. 

Since we all facilitate and co-facilitate a part of the program, you only pay for the (incredibly beautiful) venue, all-in food and accommodation and some organization. If you are used to retreats, you know what you normally spend for a week. HOLY shit. approaches this retreat to create a connection within the generation that has come to change this world. The people gathered here are the rainbow warriors, the intentional fighters, the healers. 

"Lovely gift to myself"

"The retreat at HOLY shit. was a really lovely enrichment. You receive a lot of love AND you give a lot of love to yourself. For example, my theme is pointing out boundaries, and the matching workshop was super nice. Good explanation, lots of insights. A wonderful gift to yourself if you feel like a bit of a mess or if need to pay more attention to yourself. It has enriched me and really made me grow. I am more open, I dare to reach out more quickly now if I need help. And the most important gift is that I can now listen to my feelings much better. What I do and don't want, or what I do to please. So nice! So I say: LET’S DO IT!"
Anne Jannes

The Community: what does it entail?

For almost three weeks you will be completely taken care of with delicious, nourishing meals (healthy vega(n), all-in) and there will be daily activities in which you can participate without obligation, such as breathwork, yoga, tantra, dance, fire rituals, ice baths, ceremonies, consciousness workshops and other holistic teachings. You can design your own program and decide each day what you feel like signing up for (or not). All activities are included/free… because: we exchange them!

This retreat is almost exclusively for people who guide others on their path of personal development and spirituality. Somewhere within those three weeks, you are facilitating what you’re good at for one day (part). The rest of the time you will participate without obligation in anything else that is offered, just like in a real community. Like to spend a day at the beach or in the nearby town of Tavira? Great!

This retreat festival is a mix between relaxing, doing fun things, inner work and dancing by the fire in the evening. It’s neither a fixed retreat where you have to follow a fixed program, nor is it a music festival where you’ll crawl out exhausted after three weeks. You can make it as deep, intense or fun as you want. With, if that aligns with you, a loving kick out of your comfort zone if you come to heal. In this we will carry each other and ourselves in an exchange of giving and receiving within the frameworks of some organization. Frameworks = safety to ground. 

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The Community is alcohol-free, aligned, loving and above all: safe. Safe to be and completely and totally discover yourself, respecting each other(s processes) and allowing everything to be there. We share in spirituality, personal development, joy and connection with each other, but being alone is also wonderful and desirable. And are you going to work abroad in isolation, while you’re completely being taken care of and occasionally have a taste of the activities? That is also allowed!

For whom is The Community?

For conscious men and women who facilitate their work within body oriented and/or energy work and/or coaching, shamanism, spirituality or awareness. Whether you come to work, learn, facilitate, be, heal, release, catch some shine, relax, come to yourself, connect, escape, enjoy or deep dive... you are welcome from 18 years and up. If you can host something (or several somethings) like a hike or a workshop, you're simply welcome.

The Community 
Retreat festival in Portugal

Retraitefestival portugal
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All-in: € 1850,-*

The earlier you book, the more choice you’ll have in sleeping places.
Payment in instalments is possible.
* Rate is excluding VAT

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Location: Monte Mariposa, Portugal

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Period: November 3rd-20th 2023

About the organizer 

"My name is Jenneke van Genechten, founder of HOLY shit. and HOLY shit. Academy. With these platforms I guide people in their inner processes, live and through video lessons, in a holistic way. In other words: looking at every layer of a person/life. Besides coaching I also do different kinds of body oriented work and I am a breath coach and psilocybin therapist: I use magic truffles as an added layer to my forms of therapy, so that people can travel deeper into themselves and get to places where talking won't take them. So during The Community, it will also be possible to attend a truffle ceremony, if you want to. Don’t have to.  

My friends describe me as a warm, powerful woman with spirituality and humor. I quite like that description. Safety and alignment are at the top of my list when it comes to inner work and I’m also very familiar with energetic work, but we haven't won a war yet being woolly (although I like to be woolly from time to time). We must do it here in earthly life. I can switch well between all the worlds and feel you perfectly.  


Foto: Jenneke

Oh, for the cognitive people and the ones in human design: I studied psychology at Maastricht University and then I followed a training to become a ceremony leader and breath coach and one to become a holistic therapist. Originally I am a copywriter, but these days I only write about spirituality and personal development. I have years of experience with large-scale retreats and group processes suit me to a T. Follow me on Instagram if you already want to get a taste of my energy. I hope to see you there!"

The Community location

The location is a beautifully isolated valley in the nature of Portugal. The retreat center is located in St. Catarina da Fonte do Bispo, next to Tavira and it’s surrounded by an oasis of greenery. The main building, where we eat (fresh & vegetarian!) in the community area, has private and group sleeping areas, a massage room and a beautiful ceremony room. Outside there is a lovely terrace with hammocks, a swimming pool and a stunning valley full of trees and wooden cabins. In these lovely cabins you can sleep alone or you can share it with someone else. You can choose where to sleep on the registration page.

"Everything was thought of! "

"I have experienced a retreat weekend led by Jenneke twice. They were beautiful, deep and intense weekends. It was nice how Jenneke transmits and expresses her knowledge 'in practice' during ceremonies and sessions. Everything was thought of! I’m so grateful."
Linda Jansen

Sample of the program

Every now and then we will update the program so that you can have a sneak peek into who's coming and what is offered. It may happen that you have signed up but are not listed below yet: no worries, it will come! 
We update this program regularly, but this is not the full program yet, by far actually! If you have signed up, but you're not listed yet please trust that it will come :) 


It can be anything from a simple silence walk in the morning to a plant ceremony or an evening of DJing. Whatever you’re good at is what you can do in exchange for free participation in the rest of the program. It doesn't have to be perfect and you can always ask for help. Need to spar about this? Email Jenneke at Even sparren hierover? Mail Jenneke @

We are specifically looking for: 

- facilitators for other people's workshops (for those who are hesitant to lead something themselves), 

- a photographer and / or videographer (images always in agreement with participants), 

- a practical organizer (kitchen communication, schedules etc),

- a yogateacher,

- an ecstatic DJ, schwungmakers and music makers,

- a fireman/firewoman,

- people for rituals, ceremonies, workshops, teachings and much more is possible.

What are you good at?


We have booked the entire venue and there is officially room for up to 65 people. In order to provide space to also possibly sleep alone for an additional fee and to prevent it from getting too crowded, we have created a minimum of 30 and a maximum of 50 spots. So we are really a mini-village for the time being, spread over a large valley. This number is also necessary to keep the venue just for us (privacy), so we also need you to help us get the community together! If everyone contributes one other person, we will make it. 

Of course it depends on which participants sign up, because we are creating it together. Therefore, the exact program will only follow on the retreat itself or just before. The schedule below is an example.

6:30 Sunrise yoga
8:00 Morning tea
9:00 Breakfast
10:00 Transformational breathing workshop
13:00 Lunch
- Free time -
18:00 Dinner
19:00 Fire ceremony with trance dance

7:00 Silent walk through nature
8:00 Morning sharing
9:00 Breakfast
10:00 Cultural tour of Tavira with guide including lunch
18:00 Dinner
19:00 Holistic teachings: challenging your beliefs

7:00 Ice bath session
8:00 Morning sharing
9:00 Truffle Ceremony
18:00 Dinner
20:00 Outdoor lunar meditation

7:00 Power animal visualization
8:00 Morning sharing
9:00 Breakfast
10:00 Holistic teachings: working with energy
13:00 Lunch
- free time - 
18:00 Dinner
19:00 Sound concert with cocoa & shamanic chanting

6:30 Shaking
8:00 Morning Herring
9:00 Breakfast
10:00 Hike through the mountains including picnic
18:00 Dinner
19:00 Voice dialogue workshop

Ecstatic dance party


No. We believe in connection without narcotics. If you wish to participate in a truffle ceremony, it will always be under supervision and with the intention of treating the plant medicine with respect and using it for healing processes. 

No. Three weeks are too short to really form a mini society starting ‘from scratch’. Of course: if you really don't like something, you can always point that out. In that sense, it is more like a free retreat than a utopian society. Some participants will lie in a hammock every day with a book or laptop and enjoy the peace and quiet, and others will sign up for all of the activities to get as much 'healing' out of it as possible.  

No, Monte Mariposa is completely booked out for The Community. We have privacy, we are allowed to make noise and we can retreat. Of course, the hosts are present to cook delicious meals and take care of us. 

No, unless it’s a guide dog in function.

There are several kinds of sleeping accommodations on the estate. The most important choice you have to make (as long as both options are still available!) is whether you want to sleep in the main building or in a wooden cabin in the valley. The wooden double cabins are very simple but solitary in the middle of nature. The main building has a shower and toilet closer to your sleeping spot and is on top of the mountain. If you choose the main building, you may sleep in a double room, a triple room, or in a small dormitory. The universe decides. But: the earlier you book, the better your spot.

If you want to, we will always place you together if you sign up with two or more people. Please mention this in your intake form.

If you come alone, chances are that you will sleep in a room or cabin with someone of the same sex, unless you want to be alone by definition. If you want to make sure to have a room for yourself, you’ll pay a surcharge of €500,-. You can mention this in your intake form as well.

Yes, you will get bedding and a towel from the accommodation. There are also plenty of (meditation) pillows and mattresses available for group workshops and ceremonies. Yoga mats are limited, so if you are able to bring your own, please do so. 

For your own workshops, you need to provide your own materials.

Of course, because that’s community too. Feeling in the moment what you need and living with people who don't need an explanation. It’s possible to book a cabin or room for yourself at an additional cost, but even if you don’t have a private room, there are plenty of places on the estate where you can retreat for a while (in a comfortable hammock, for example).

Of course! You are always free to go wherever you want. You can arrive later and leave earlier. Or if community life doesn't turn out to be right for you, you can go home at any time. Please note: you cannot claim a refund or price reduction in this case. After all, everything is already booked.   

There will be a Whatsapp group for emergencies and at the opening ceremony we will communicate our guidelines and rules. During your stay, however, you are free to enjoy the community life and you can take some responsibility in that. In a workshop or a ceremony, the ceremony leader will keep an eye on the overview and safety.

Because in addition to the option to do inner work, it will also be a celebration! We will dance, have fun and music, sing and connect. After all, enjoying life is perhaps the most beautiful inner work you can give to yourself.

Yes, you have that possibility. From Monte Mariposa itself there is a masseur who offers massages for a fee. 

Jenneke is an emergency response officer; she can help you in an emergency and there may be team members present with a medical background. Fifteen minutes from Monte Mariposa is the town of Tavira, where there is a hospital.

Of course! But if you decide that you won't participate after all, the deposit of 100 euros is non-refundable. For a refund of the remaining amount in case of cancellation, please refer to the terms and conditions. Selling your ticket to someone else is free of charge, provided that the intake is approved.

No, the venue is rented including sleeping and eating. You can sleep elsewhere (in a van, for example) but the fee remains the same. By the way, on the venue there is no place for vans

The closest airport is Faro, but Sevilla is also possible. From there you can take a taxi (together with other community members?) to Monte Mariposa, or if you want a cheaper option, take the train from the airport to Tavira and then take a taxi. Of course it is also possible to travel by your own transport. If that’s the case, you will have to inform us explicity because the number of parking spots is limited.

You may pay at once (preferred), or in 6, 12 or 24 terms with an additional €15,-.

"Group activities interspersed with moments of rest"

"I attended a retreat by Jenneke during my pregnancy. She had taken care of everything to perfection. I was expecting at the time and I was allowed to wonderfully ground into receiving, combined with the beautiful processes we engaged in as a group. There were group activities and there were moments of solitude and at peace. I especially took away from this weekend that there is a talent embedded in each of us, that we are all unique wonderful beings who are allowed to Be! Jenneke was able to mirror this beautifully in each of us because she herself is always a unique human being with a heart of gold.”
Dominique van Polen 


If you register for this retreat festival, the button below will take you to the agenda. There you will find a link to the deposit payment of €100,- (note: non-refundable). With this you will reserve your spot. You will automatically receive an email with the intake form. We will call you afterwards. If you prefer to ask questions before then, of course you can!