Meteen naar de inhoud

Pim Bemelen

Here you can find Pim Bemelen’s background so you know who you’ll end up with when you’ve booked something with HOLY shit.! You can always find the name of the facilitator of the ceremony you booked in the event calendar.

They called me Pim (1991) and I am a self-love coach, truffle ceremony leader, masseuse and most of all an adventurer in the field of consicousness development. After several setbacks in my life, self-esteem far below zero and an anxiety disorder, I decided to go in search of so-called healing. It turned out to be a voyage into myself, old beliefs and patterns, trying all kinds of things: Vipassana meditation, haptonomy, PMA, Ayahuasca, psychotherapy, breath work, you name it. Solving deep shit, top sport I call it. That was the beginning of my exploration of awareness and freedom and acceptance of myself and my thoughts. I am convinced that consciousness development and increasing self-love is the key to letting go of recurring patterns in life, patterns that no longer serve.
I took a course in Consciousness Development, a New Age Children’s Coach course and the truffle ceremony leader course. I still have many things on my own self-development wish list. I’m still learning and that will never stop, but now it’s time to guide others on this beautiful path as well.
With me you can count on a listening ear, a safe haven and sometimes a lovingly confrontational mirror. I give constructive advice rather than trying to impose my values and ideas onto you, it’s nice when everyone can be themselves. I am more than open-minded and you can share your darkest stories with me, I will not be easily surprised by anything. For a loving hug you can always come to me! If you really knew me, you would know that my friends laugh at my way of eating potato chips. I always look for the tastiest chip in the bag, I don’t grab. I point very carefully where to direct my thumb and index finger while staring into the bag. One chip at a time, preferably Croky Bolognese, just so you know. 😉 My favorite leisure activity is a day at the spa, preferably alone. When I need to lose energy I do it by exercising: yoga, running, stair climbing, boxing. It just depends on what I’m in the mood for.

I believe ...
... that when you dare to be your own authentic self, you’re always at home. Anywhere in the world.