Meteen naar de inhoud

Margreet Feijten

Here you can find Margreet Feijten’s background so you know who you’ll end up with when you’ve booked something with HOLY shit.! You can always find the name of the facilitator of the ceremony you booked in the event calendar.

My name is Margreet (1982) and I am a life coach at HOLY shit. I trained as a Social Educational Worker and have worked for years in (mainly) child and adolescent psychiatry. My interest in helping others from their own inner drive to grow was piqued. In 2012 I followed a course to become a Life Coach in Belgium. At the same time, this became a whole (development) process for myself. Personal development became indispensable in my life and I followed several courses and trainings (including the one to become a transformation coach). In 2021 I met Jenneke and I learned what holistic living meant. I followed breath work sessions and truffle ceremonies. It helped me a lot to become more conscious of who I am and who I want to be.

Coaching has also helped me a lot to know who I am and where I want to go. And I wish the same for you! I think it’s important that you feel safe and I pay a lot of attention to this feeling of safety during a session. Then we make the voyage ‘inside’; this means that we not only talk, but I also help you to become aware of what your body wants to tell you. It is so beautiful to experience that body and mind are constantly communicating with each other! From here it is easier to make a step ‘forward’. 

For fun, I like to hike, I read a lot and find a real outlet in exercising. I love strength training combined with running. I live in Hoensbroek, and together with Frank I have a composite family with three children aged 9, 12 and 14. I love good food, being with friends and festivals! Will I see you soon in the big yellow chair?

I believe ...
... that ‘everything’ is only temporary..., that every soul has the need to be seen AND heard and that the question “What would love do?” is a great question in order to look at yourself and others with kindness.