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Truffle Ceremonies

The truffle ceremony

A truffle ceremony is a get-together during which you take a voyage through your own inner realm by consuming magic truffles. The ceremony is guided and takes place in a safe and pleasant setting. The groups at HOLY shit. contain max. five people at most. Each ceremony has its own theme. This enables you to choose according to your own preference, your own needs or your main struggle. You can do this to achieve growth in your own personal development or when you seek a spiritual alternative to find answers and insights. 

The truffle ceremonies will take place in our neon art ceremonial space in Amstenrade.

A magic truffle is a kind of medicinal mushroom with a walnut-like flavour. Its effect is almost the same as the effect of magic mushrooms. The difference lies in its legality: while magic mushrooms are not legal in The Netherlands, magic truffles are. Truffles are a byproduct of magic mushrooms: mushrooms grow right above the ground, truffles grow below ground. Both contain psychoactive properties, enabling you to achieve a different state of consciousness. Magic truffles can take care of issues deeply below the surface of consciousness, far beyond the possibilities of conversational counseling.

No. Through the years, the feared damage by this natural product has been thoroughly researched. So far, none of these studies concluded that the active substances are harmful or associated with mental or physical addiction. We do however discourage the use of magic truffles while feeling depressed or anxious on that particular day. Extremely negative emotions will block the truffles’ medicinal effects. The day after the ceremony, you usually won’t suffer from any mental or physical discomforts. It is possible that you will dream more vividly that night. Sometimes, the day after might feel like a hangover, but not always.

The effects are different for everyone. A truffle voyage will often open your third eye, which will allow hallucinogenic images to come to you. You might not experience any different visual images, but auditory sensations or non-hallucinogenic insights instead. Truffles may get to you on a deep level and make you see the world in different ways. They may open the way to deeper layers of consciousness and energize you in new ways. Most importantly: do not have any expectations! Do not expect a miracle cure to solve all of your problems. Dive into the experience with an open mind and focus on your physical sensations. Try leaving your ‘thinking’ behind, and you will often experience the most wonderful voyage. Of course, you will be guided out of your voyage as well.

We urge you to have your last meal four hours before the ceremony. The maximum effect of truffles is achieved on an empty stomach. It’s fine to drink water or herbal tea. On the day of the ceremony, try to minimize the number of external triggers. It’s perfectly fine to go to work, but please avoid stressful situations. Make sure to get enough sleep the night before.

When the participants have arrived, we will take our time to accustom ourselves by meditation and sharing. All participants will get to know each other, and they will have the opportunity to tell the group why they have come to the ceremony, if they so wish. Here we will also discuss the theme. After the ceremony and the expectations will be explained, we will start with a sharing circle and a HOLY breathwork session. Then we will eat the truffles. Every participant will receive a truffle that is particularly selected for them. You will slowly descend into your voyage through guided meditation. After thirty minutes you will probably sense something. The entire duration of your voyage takes about three to four hours. Using rapéh is optional. It will be accompanied by music. After all participants have returned from their voyage, we will conclude the ceremony together with a light meal. All in all, the day of the ceremony will take about ten hours. You should essentially be able to drive after you have eaten, but every body reacts differently. It would be most convenient for you to have someone to drive you home or a place to stay.

No problem! You can find a hotel, Airbnb or camping side nearby. Here is a list of options.

Our tip: next to HOLY shit. is Castle Amstenrade. How awesome would it be to spend the night in a fairytale castle, on a less than five minute walk?

You can find every upcoming theme ceremony in our calendar. A theme ceremony welcomes five people at most and it costs € 195,- per person.

If you prefer to participate alone or with your own group of people, or if the dates of our planned ceremonies are not convenient for you, we can always consider a date that suits both of our schedules and reserve a separate ceremony.

Truffle Ceremony* Price p.p. Total Duration
Individual € 495,- € 495,- 9 hours
2 persons € 295,- € 590,- 10 hours
3 persons € 255,- € 765,- 10 hours
4 persons € 225,- € 900,- 10 hours
5 persons € 195,- € 975,- 10 hours
Couples ceremony € 325,- € 650,- 11 hours

*Dates always in consultation

IMPORTANT: You can’t participate in a truffle ceremony if:

– You’re pregnant or breastfeeding;
– You’re on any medication that is not compatible with truffles, like antibiotics, antidepressants and medication to deal with ADHD/ADD, stomach complaints, cardiac problems of high blood pressure;
– You have, now or in the past, suffered from psychosis, schizophrenia or borderline syndrom, or you have an indication of proneness to these conditions;
– You’re allergic to funghi;
– You have been using other narcotics in the last 24 hours. HOLY shit. does not allow usage of narcotics like alcohol or cannabis during our ceremonies.

When you fill out the intake, we assume that you’re honest about your situation and that you heed your own safety. Filling out the intake is pointless if one or several of the above applies to you. When in doubt about medication or other risk factors, please contact us or include the name of your medication in your intake.

"I am planning my next one soon!"

“I had my first truffle ceremony and it was mind-blowing! It helped me to resolve many things from my past. For everyone who suffers from any kind of mental health issue, here is a tip! It really helps! Jenneke gives everyone the best preparation and helps if you are very nervous (Like me 😀). I enjoyed the ceremony a lot and I am planning to have my next one very soon.!”

Cathrin Wittland

"Jenneke is very experienced"

“Very great experience in every step of the process- From the intake to a great connection afterward. Jenneke is very experienced and professional. She knows how to support each person with their own journey. Couldn’t have wished for a better person to help me. .”

Rico Suave

"It was an interesting experience"

“I attended the Self Love ceremony which was conducted in a professional manner. Jenneke took a very good care of all participants and created a safe environment for all of us. It was an interesting experience!”

Marlena Mikolajczyk


Couples ceremony

Don’t feel like undergoing countless sessions of couples therapy? Tailored to couples we offer the Couples Ceremony: a private truffle ceremony for two, aimed at finding a new connection and deepening your understanding of each other. A whole day to dive into the deep, together.
With eyes opened you can rediscover one another and aid your partner in letting go of old shit. Via open conversation and connective exercises we lay the ground work for this holy ceremony, so a fuller understanding and (even more) loving relationship can grow. This couples ceremony has proven to be a succes time after time and has helped many couples achieve renewed infatuation. Let love rule!

Cost: € 325,- p.p.

Duration: 11:00AM until 10:00PM

Location: Amstenrade, Limburg

"A warm personality"

“I’ve had the most amazing ceremony last weekend, a true present to myself. You feel at ease with Jenneke. She has a warm personality and gives you a good feeling instantly. She really takes her time for you, explains everything in detail and gives clear answers to questions asked.
During the ceremony itself she feels exactly what you need. Also in the days after, she reaches out to you to check in where you are standing. I think she’s an angel.”

R. De Goede

"safe environment"

“Jenneke creates a safe environment to make a beautiful and educational inner journey.”

Vincent Huibers

"This ceremony opened my heart and broadened my mind"

““This was a really profound voyage that I enjoyed very much. Jenneke was professional and preplanned for the needs of every participant. This dedication put my mind at ease and allowed me to be comfortable in the environment. Her natural gift for guidance and support was highly appreciated during my time of need. I have an abundance of gratitude upon her behalf. The variety of music, sounds, and smells, created visions of ecstasy to my delight. The other participants opened my heart broadened my mind with their sharing and experiences. Overall I had soul warming experience and would definitely do it again. I would highly recommend Jenneke’s guidance as a mental coach for all levels of experience voyaging .”

Erich Session (USA)