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FAQ - Truffle Ceremonies

We urge you to have your last meal four hours before the ceremony. The maximum effect of truffles is achieved on an empty stomach. It’s fine to drink water or herbal tea. On the day of the ceremony, try to minimize the number of external triggers. It’s perfectly fine to go to work, but please avoid stressful situations. Make sure to get enough sleep the night before.

People participate in truffle ceremonies because they run into obstacles, have questions, seek answers, struggle with themselves or others. It is a kind of therapy that works very intensely.
A truffle voyage often opens your third eye, which allows hallucinogenic images to come to you. You might not experience any different visual images, but auditory sensations or non-hallucinogenic insights instead. Truffles may get to you on a deep level and make you see the world in different ways. They may open the way to deeper layers of consciousness and energize you in new ways.

No. You cannot participate in a truffle ceremony if:

  • – You are pregnant or breast-feeding;
  • – You are on medication that does not go well together with truffles, like antidepressants;
  • – You are coping with or used to cope with psychosis, schizophrenia or borderline syndrome, or there is an indication that you are predisposed to these conditions;
  • – You are allergic to fungi;


HOLY shit. does not allow the usage of narcotics including alcohol and marihuana during or before the ceremony.

Yes, dried truffles take longer to expire and they can be ground and put into capsules. The only reason for this is the taste, because after the truffles are dried, they only maintain 1/3 of their effect. Drying truffles is illegal in the Netherlands, because it changes the truffle’s natural psilocybin into a psilocybin-preparation, which are prohibited by the Opium Act. Therefore we use fresh truffles at HOLY shit.

No, we do not provide truffles to people who participate for fun, without a specified question or reason. We offer spiritual voyages and we want to guarantee the safety of all participants.

At HOLY shit. we are fans of medicinal plants in general, because they all work in a different way and on different levels. Truffles are not ‘better’ than ayahuasca or san pedro, but we enjoy working with truffles because they are legal (contrary to most other kinds of medicinal plants) and because they are mild. Truffles are physically less demanding than ayahuasca because they usually don’t cause any vomiting or diarrhea, and they still enable a deep spiritual voyage. Truffles are very accessible. For many people who are new to the world of the medicinal plant, this is the perfect ceremony to ease into this form of spirituality. That being said: do not underestimate the truffle! It is not just an ‘easy interlude’; it is a serious and complete spiritual voyage that can be life changing in the long run.

Yes, this is possible if you are allergic to fungi. Nut or fruit allergies are usually no problem, but just to be sure, we advise you to take a micro dose (a very small amount) and see how your body reacts. This is possible at HOLY shit.

Scientific research has only indicated a miniscule increase in heart rate, blood pressure and thyroid activity. There is an interaction with the thyroid (the question remains if the mentioned symptoms are a direct consequence of the substance in the body or the result of the mental effects of truffles). As a rule, few risks are attributed to thyroid medication, but it is always advisable to omit medication in general 48 hours before the ceremony if possible, and come and test a micro dose at HOLY shit.

No, because the toxicity of active substances are negligible to a healthy body. They are very similar to bodily substances, which makes them easy and quick to disintegrate. Of course, we strongly warn you against consuming truffles while you are pregnant or breast-feeding.

This is not a question, but we will answer it anyway, because you are not the only one who is nervous. If you are new to all this, it makes sense that you feel hesitant. You are worried about your safety, if this isn’t too vague for you, if it really works and above all… if you can cope with losing control. This last worry is exactly why you participate. The truffle can show you that at times, it is okay to let go and to find confidence and peace of mind. If that truffle showed up on your path, it’s there for a reason. In fact, you have nothing to lose. Before you participate, you will be screened and if we allow you to join, you are safe. There is no need to be afraid to get stuck in your voyage or that your personality will be changed. If you sense any changes, they will be positive in the long run. The magic truffle is a natural product that helps you face your own truths and perhaps makes you see yourself and the world in a whole other way. Some fear is completely normal, and so is nervousness. Just let it be and have faith that you will always get what you need at that particular moment – never more than you can handle.

Monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MOAIs) are enzymes that break down the monoamines (serotonin, noradrenaline, dopamine) in your body. These monoamines transmit impulses through the nervous system. If an MOAI does not break these neurotransmitters down, they will stay active. In that case, the body will absorb the psilocybin from the truffle better, which leads to a longer, more intense truffle voyage. There is also the possibility of side effects, like palpitations, vomiting or spasms, comparable with ayahuasca usage.


Several organisations offer a combination of magic truffles and MAOIs, usually under the heading ‘Psilohuasca’. We at HOLY shit. don’t think that Mother Nature is designed like that, because a truffle is a terrific medicine in and of itself. This medicine deserves the respect to be used in its pure form. We see psilohuasca as a usage to replace ayahuasca since it has been prohibited in October 2019, however… there’s no such thing. Ayahuasca is a medicine on its own, and so are truffles. At HOLY shit., you willingly choose a guided magic truffle voyage. By the way, natural boosters like passion flower and raw cacao exist. We do not serve those either. We don’t brew tea from these boosters and we don’t soak them in lemon. Pure nature. Don’t underestimate it, okay? 😉