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Magic truffle ceremony

vr01mrt10:00vr20:00Magic truffle ceremony10:00 - 20:00(GMT+01:00) Ceremony space 'pim', Schummerstraat 14, KerkradeCategoryTruffleceremony (private)


Inner voyage under professional guidance with magic truffles. 

A truffle provides a grounding energy and can give insights about everything that is already present deep within you. Who are you at your core? Which direction can you take?

A truffle voyage lasts about 4-5 hours and provides a different experience every time. The day itself lasts longer because it includes facilitated therapeutic sharing and breath work. This plant medicine usually works well on addressing trauma, inner child parts, self-love, freedom (in all of its facets) and false beliefs. When you feel the call of the truffle, you may be grateful and ready to face what the ceremony has in store for you.

Because we consider pre- and aftercare crucial, but not everyone may be interested, especially if you have experience, there is an optional pre- and aftercare package available for separate booking. We highly recommend this, especially if it is your very first ceremony. Read more about it here .


Price From  495,00

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  • Pim Bemelen

    Pim Bemelen

    Ceremony leader

    Ceremony leader