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Jaaropleiding truffel-ceremonieleider

za20julHele dagzo21Jaaropleiding truffel-ceremonieleider
Course weekend 1
Entire day(GMT+02:00) Zuid LimburgCategoryTrainingPart ofTruffle ceremony leader course

Truffelceremonie opleiding


In the truffle ceremony leader course you will learn about all aspects of leading and guiding inner processes with and without the magic truffle. After the course, you will be able to lead group ceremonies and you will know what it takes to fully carry a truffle ceremony. If you show during the course that you can independently lead a ceremony well, carry your own processes and support those of others in all facets, you will receive, in addition to your certificate, a listing on this website as a certified ceremony leader.That way participants know it is safe to go on an inner journey with you and you can offer your own ceremonies.

Start of Course 20 juli 2024

Course dates
– 20 en 21 juli 2024
– 17 en 18 augustus 2024
– 14 en 15 september 2024
– 12 en 13 oktober 2024
– 14 en 15 december 2024
– 11 en 12 januari 2025
– 8 en 9 februari 2025
– 8 en 9 maart 2025
– 5 en 6 april 2025
– 7 en 8 juni 2025

This event is part of the truffle ceremonial leader course.
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Down payment
Investering in jezelf: € 4999,- (excl. B.T.W.).
Payment in instalments is possible.

To secure your place in the program, a down payment of the first term is required. This will eventually be deducted from the total. Please note that this deposit is non-refundable. You are buying your spot with this and guaranteeing me that you are seriously interested. I will then count on you. In 3 weeks we will assume that your intake form has been turned in. You will then automatically receive the payment details and options for remaining payment.

Sold out?
Would you like to participate in this event, but is it sold out? We will gladly put you on the waiting list! As soon as a spot becomes available, we will contact you. You can then choose if you still want to participate but won't be obliged to do so. 

Price € 250,00

How many spots -1 +

Total € 250,00

8 Spots available!


  • Jenneke van Genechten

    Jenneke van Genechten

    Holistic coach, ceremony leader and breath coach

    Holistic coach, ceremony leader and breath coach